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    Victoria Cookson photography began in London in 2007 with a passion for photographing people and families. Since having my own twins in 2012, I've specialised in portrait sessions for families with multiples. Children grow up so fast and it can feel like it is going by in a blur (especially when you have twins or more). My photographs create memories of this special time for you and for the generations to come. Family portrait sessions take place in your own home, so you can take some time to capture your family life at a particular moment in time.

    "We had SUCH a brilliant morning! Thank you so much for being so patient, relaxed and playful with us. The photos are absolutely stunning, capturing the individual personalities of each of my twins as well as their unique bond. The fun they had really shines through." Miriyan, 2015

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Twins family portrait session and Tamba magazine

I was very excited to receive my copy of the Tamba (Twins and Multiple Births Association) magazine today. I always love reading it, but this copy is extra special as it has two of my photos in it! Hayley and I met through our local twins club and she has a great blog about combining mindfulness with parenting. You can follow her at themindfulmummymission.com

I took photos of Hayley and her lovely family at home and also in their local park – carefully timing our outing between snacks and naps! Here are some of my favourites.

Hayley loved her photos and couldn’t decide which to choose so they opted for a handmade album so that they can treasure all the photos for years to come.

Family portrait session for family with twins in Hither Green

What a wonderful morning this family portrait session was. I met up with Miriyan and her family in the park for games and photographs. I love to capture families having fun, so that the photographs are memories of a happy morning together. During this I make sure that I get some photos of the whole family together, individual shots of the children and then each of them with each parent. This happens naturally during the morning and whilst you play, I give a little bit of direction and ideas for games. This morning we were singing songs, dancing and having running races.

As a parent of twins I feel it is particularly important to capture individual photographs of each twin. I make sure that we have some of the individual photographs of our twins up in our house as I feel this helps them see themselves as an individual and build their own identity. I also see the photographs not just as a great memory for now, but as treasures for the children as they grow up and heirlooms for them to pass down to their own children.


Portrait session for non identical twin boys in South East London

Claire’s boys were born just a few weeks after my own twins and when they were little we spent many a morning or afternoon sitting and feeding together. They’ve recently moved further away from us and as we don’t get to see them so regularly, I was really excited to be seeing them again and taking their photographs. As they’ve grown, their separate personalities are shining through and I really wanted to capture this. When taking photographs of twins, I think it’s really important to let them do their own thing and to take photographs of what they individually like doing, as well as the things they find fun together. We spent a lovely morning exploring their new garden, reading and making music.

Family portrait session for non identical boy twins

Two very smart boys met me on the doorstep this weekend! Vicky had explained beforehand that the boys had recently been christened, but they’d not managed to get any photographs on the day, so we’d agreed beforehand to begin our shoot in their special outfits.

It was raining when I arrived so we took the opportunity to take some shots inside first as I know as soon as soon as the rain stopped we’d have perfect light outside. Their garden has some tall hedges, which provided a great background especially as they looked so fresh after the rain.

Once we’d captured what we needed in the christening outfits, we changed into more casual clothes for a good run around in the garden. I’m always conscious of getting individual shots of the children both on their own and with each parent, as I think when they are older it helps them to see that you didn’t always view them as a pair. It also helps other people understand that they are two individuals. When sending photos of my twins as gifts to family, I always include photos of them together and separately. My great aunt in particular always says this helps her to see their different personalities developing.


Portrait session for family with twins in South East London

When I arrived at Miriyan’s house for her family portrait session, I was met by two very excited children. Miriyan had explained what was going to happen and they were ready to go! We had a great morning, making sure that the children were having fun, whilst taking some lovely photos of them both individually and together.

Being a parent of twins myself, I’m quite used to keeping two or more happy at the same time and understand that they don’t always want to sit nicely together. The portrait session is all about games and distractions, so hopefully they forget that the photos are being taken. The light in their lounge and bedroom was perfect, so we stayed in these two locations. Bouncing on Mummy and Daddy’s bed was a particular treat, so there was no persuasion needed here!

When Miriyan sent me this email I was so pleased as she’d described exactly what I try to achieve in my family portrait sessions for families with twins.

We had SUCH a brilliant morning! Thank you so much for being so patient, relaxed and playful with us. The photos are absolutely stunning, capturing the individual personalities of each of my twins as well as their unique bond. The fun they had really shines through.